Summer is getting closer and I had to do something to enjoy it.
Our new Watermelon Inspired Part Printables are here!
Package includes:
small banner
cupcake toppers
cupcake wrappers
water bottle labels
straw tags
Isn't this cute??
You can find this and more printables at www.curiousprincess.com
Watermelon package is HERE.



Now the turn belongs to this cute Girly Monkey party printable package.
It was designed having in mind that girls can monkey around, too :) lol
You can find more about it at our Facebook page CURIOUS PRINCESS COUTURE

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LALAloopsy inspired water bottle labels

Our lalaloopsy inspired continues with these water bottle labels.
You can find them HERE
They are a great addition to any lala birthday party at an amazing price!
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LALALOOPSY inspired cupcake wrappers printable files

Lalaloopsy is the new trend on girls Birthday parties. So I just bought some lala inspired clipart and made these beautiful cupcake wrappers and toppers.
You can find them HERE
They come in two combinations: blue, yellow and pink or green, orange and pink.
Will be back later with some water bottle labels and more!



RUBBER Ducky baby shower party printable

Finally our Rubber Ducky party printable is here! We custom made it for Model Life Magazine.

Package includes:
♥ Cupcake toppers (can be used as tags too)
♥ Cupcake wrappers
♥ Water bottle labels
♥ Cutlery labels
♥ Baby Shower banner
♥ Toothpick mini flags
♥ Candy Buffet / buffet tent cards / tags / labels
♥ WELCOME oval sign, letter size.
♥ Thanks for coming circle sign, 8"
(can be used with centerpieces or as decoration)

Also available matching invitation in 2 designs and sucker covers.

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TUTORIAL: How to make Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

       I love ice cream. And I love Cupcakes ♥
Then what could be better than Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes??
       For this tutorial I will use Duncan Hines cake mix but you can use your favorite brand or recipe.
Ready? Let's start:
       Get everything to make your cake, mine calls per eggs, water and oil (I will substitute oil x apple sauce).
       I adapted a disposable cake pan to use as a pan. Just cut some holes with a knife.

 Now prepare the cake according to the box instructions or your recipe ♥ Thanks Arianna for been our model ♥

 Now fill the ice cream cones (in this  process a glass baking dish was used to keep the ice cream cones tight) Don't fill them more than 3/4 because they will overflow. Believe me, they will! :D

Once baked (they bake faster than cake) take a fork or a bamboo skewer and make some little holes in the ice cream cone, that will prevent them from getting soggy while they cool down.

Prepare your frosting (or use canned)

And enjoy!

And if you are like me, your cupcake are not ready if they are "naked"
so visit www.curiousprincess.com to get your ice cream cone wrappers ♥♥♥

 Yup, I made some cupcake for my son's 4th Birthday Party... and yes, I didn't have the chance to use the wrappers, can you believe it???

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Lemonade Stand Party

I'm so excited! Finally I decided to make my own blog. Please wish me luck!
So I want to show you the last party printables that I made: Lemonade Stand Theme.
Isn't that cute? Thanks to Branson and his mommy for making this to happen.

Lemonade printable sign included. I just love it! And I so wish lemonade still were 25 cents :)

 It includes these cute straw tags ♥

I know, cupcake toppers and wrappers can make any party look amazing *wink *wink

And what party is complete if you don't have matching water bottle labels?

 Our handsome model Bransons really enjoys his lemonade and cupcakes, Yumm!

You can find these printables at:
So there you have it! My first post and delicious lemonade... What a match!
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