TUTORIAL how to assemble our printable banners

Lots of our costumers are always asking for a tutorial on how to assemble out printable files.
Today I will start with the printable banner, the one harder to assemble without instructions.
So let's start, hope that I'm good explaining lol ♥
First, print your banner. Use card stock for better results, if you can find 100 lbs or heavier that would be perfect!
Then cut the shapes. This one has 3 triangles x page but some others on my page Curious Princess
are made with different shapes, like squares or circles.
 If you have a Paper Trimmer they can make your work easier :)
Then punch a hole on each upper corner on the pennant like this:
Now to assemble:
Cut some ribbon or tulle (around 3 or 4 inches for small knots) and attach to each other.
I like them this way but you can also string ribbon through.
 And here is how it looks when finished. Cute! ♥

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Home made Play Dough recipe

It is me again!I was so busy that didn't have time to post again but wanted to make something special for you this time ♥Here is the recipe I use to make play dough at home, my son loves to help and then to play with it!

I also use it to make party favors (this time I used some Yo gabba inspired labels)Ok, ok, back to the recipe!You will need:♥  3 cups of flour♥  3 cups water♥  1 1/2 cups of salt ♥  2 tbsp vegetable oil♥  2 or 3 tbsp cream of tartar (they say it make it more elastic, I have added more and I love the results)♥  food coloring (I use gel colors, you can use any brand available at your store)

Now, set your stove to medium-low heat.

Mix flour, water, salt, oil and cream of tartar in a saucepan and cook.
Stir occasionally, it will look like a hard pudding around the next 6 to 8 minutes.
When it starts forming like a soft dough you can turn on the heat.
Use some parchment or waked paper and pour the mix on it.
Knead until it cools (just double check that is not extremely hot when you start kneading!)
Separate in around 8 parts (more or less depending on how much of each color you want)
add some drops of coloring gel, knead a little bit more and put in airtight containers.
You can use ziplocs, too.

Let me know if you try it!
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Candyland inspired ice cream wrappers and sucker covers

Candyland (or candy land? lol) inspired Ice cream cone wrappers and sucker covers,
all as printable files sent to your email, ready to print.
You can print as many as you need for your personal use.
You can find out more about them in the Curious Princess Facebook page.
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Juicy Couture party printable files wrappers

Now I have ready the Juicy Couture inspired party printables ♥
All pink, all girly and all couture. Damask, lines and crowns decorate this party.
You can find the package at www.CuriousPrincess.com.
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Juicy Couture inspired flat bottom ice cream cone wraps

This time I wanted to show you part of the Juicy Couture collection.

Ice cream cone wrappers are the newest trend, and Curious Princess is the creator of the new line of printable labels ♥

You can fin them and more at www.CuriousPrincess.com
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Doc McStuffins inspired party printables cupcake wrappers toppers

Now it is the turn to Doc McStuffins be here on my blog lol
I designed the Doc logo and some Band Aids and then used them to make water bottle labels,
cupcake wrappers, cupcake toppers and some printable stickers ♥
You can find them on my Etsy shop HERE.
These are perfect for a great Birthday Party...

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Hello Kitty inspired ice cream cone wrappers or labels

These pink and zebra are inspired in the Hello Kitty party printables made by Fabrica de Papel.
They fit perfectly any flat bottom ice cream cone size.
Need more designs?
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Lalaloopsy inspired ice cream cone wrappers

Part of the Lalaloopsy inspired collection.
Only original clipart is used.
These cuties can make your party very unique ♥
Need more information?
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Military ice cream cone wrappers

Now you can give to that military in your life a sweet treat ♥

These are some of the camo and camo with flag flat bottom ice cream cone wrappers.
Do you need a special camo like ACU? Please let me a message on my Facebook page HERE.

Need different designs? Most of my designs are HERE.
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Rubber Ducky ice cream cone wrappers

I had a long time waiting to share this with you, part of our ice cream cone wrappers collection.
This ice cream cone labels match our rubber ducky collection and you can find more information about them HERE.
Hope that you like them as much as I enjoyed making them.
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Isn't this cute? This handsome doctor recommends to use the anti monster spray if you have a case of monsters under bed, inside your closets or even hidden in a backpack!
Your kids only have to spray once and monsters will be gone lol.
Use and spray bottle that you have, just choose one size, print and atach and it;s ready to start working ;) 
you can find the labels HERE.

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Summer is getting closer and I had to do something to enjoy it.
Our new Watermelon Inspired Part Printables are here!
Package includes:
small banner
cupcake toppers
cupcake wrappers
water bottle labels
straw tags
Isn't this cute??
You can find this and more printables at www.curiousprincess.com
Watermelon package is HERE.



Now the turn belongs to this cute Girly Monkey party printable package.
It was designed having in mind that girls can monkey around, too :) lol
You can find more about it at our Facebook page CURIOUS PRINCESS COUTURE

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