And me one more time!
Looking in my old files I found these cute Pictures from 2 years ago,
my first Valentines Printables I ever made (and one of the first printables
I made ever!)
They are very basic since I didn't know much about design
in those days, but I bet you will enjoy them ♥
Perfect for Kindergarten parties too!
Package includes:
♥ Cupcake Wraps
♥ Cupcake Toppers
♥ Straw Tags (I used those with pencils instead to give as favors)
♥ Water Bottle Labels
♥ Small labels to wrap napkins / disposable cutlery

Links will be at the end of the pictures.

You can download the files here:
FREE Cupcake wraps and toppers HERE.
FREE water bottle labels, napkin labels and straw tags HERE.
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Valentines Printables that are Sweet!

I decided to have some guests on my Blog, I'm not that good at writing and have

some friends that are great doing that, so let's start.
This time I collaborated with Petits Plaisirs Chocolata Treats to bring you this
super cute theme!
You can find the printable package HERE.
May Houri is an amazing Event Planner with lots of experience in the area, and
specializes in making deserts, like cake pops and yummi cupcakes.

Now, in her own words:

"Valentines day is not only for the romantics, but for the little ones that celebrate the
love they have for their friends. For this year's Valentines day sweet table, I created
a theme where the kids can come over and exchange cards with one another.
I went to the typical colours for Valentines day: Red, Pink and Purple but added touches
of gray to the sweet table. I also hand made the flower backdrop. Let me tell you the
work that went into these babies!

There's a great tutorial online with the template if you'd like to make them yourself. 
Very easy, but just time consuming. Make sure to set aside time before the big party
to make them!

Once I knew the colour pallet and details to my party, I asked Anabella from Curious
Princess to design some printables for me. Boy, did she ever! She did such a great
job, and was even able to incorporate the grey into them! I was literally jumping up and
down in front of my computer screen when I saw them!

Roxy always does a great job with my cakes, that is why she is my number 1 to go girl
for cakes. She made 3 mini cakes, all with different designs, but was perfect for the
table. They were so cute, no one wanted to cut them.

I added macarons, cake pops, cupcakes and cheese cake bites, all in kid size portions.
Thanks to Hoopla Events, the kids can take home some of the sweets and their cards 
in pink and white treat bags.

When it was time to exchange their Valentines Day cards, Ariana and Evan were a little
shy, but once that was over, dessert was their reward!"

Thanks to May for been my first guest ♥
You can find the printables HERE.

Styling, set up and cake pops by Petits Plaisirs Chocolatta Treats.
PRINTABLES by www.CuriousPrincess.com and www.etsy.com/shop/CuriousPrincessDIS
Photography by LaurelGrace Photography
Mini cakes, cucpakes by RoxysDesigns
Party supplies by Hoopla Events
Macarons by L'Ange du Mmacaron