TUTORIAL how to assemble our printable banners

Lots of our costumers are always asking for a tutorial on how to assemble out printable files.
Today I will start with the printable banner, the one harder to assemble without instructions.
So let's start, hope that I'm good explaining lol ♥
First, print your banner. Use card stock for better results, if you can find 100 lbs or heavier that would be perfect!
Then cut the shapes. This one has 3 triangles x page but some others on my page Curious Princess
are made with different shapes, like squares or circles.
 If you have a Paper Trimmer they can make your work easier :)
Then punch a hole on each upper corner on the pennant like this:
Now to assemble:
Cut some ribbon or tulle (around 3 or 4 inches for small knots) and attach to each other.
I like them this way but you can also string ribbon through.
 And here is how it looks when finished. Cute! ♥

Thanks once again fro taking your time to visit my page ♥
Have a wonderful, curious day!
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